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    I've managed to get the wireless sync to work, but it's really, really slow. On my old 180G I technically got it working but it disconnected after about an hour of trying. After upgrading to the 600 with Vision, I figured it would be reasonable. I finally succeeded, but it took about 90 minutes.

    Is this normal? Is there some way I can speed it up? I noticed that it spended a lot of time on things like "Eudora Mail" which, in my opinion, shouldn't even have anything to sync.

    I think this is potentially a very useful feature, but it's just not worth it if it takes longer than an hour.
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    I would love to be able to sync my Treo 600 wirelessly from anywhere and anytime w/o using the USB cradle! Can you point me to info that discuss the setup for wireless sync? Thank you in advance.
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    My previous search didn't find any "wireless sync" threads but when I was in Treo 600 Hardware forum, I did a search there and got what I needed. I attempted to delete my previous post was had no permission. So please ignore my question re: wireless sync setup. Thanks.

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