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    I have a problem, during tweeking my new treo 270 after using the settings for IR and email, there is a upside down triangle on screen on top in the middle, and it stays there wathever I do.
    It does not belong there because there is nothing to find about in the online manual and the hardcopy manual and it is accross the words wich dissapear on top..
    It also isn't the IR-icon wich is also a triangle, that appears as well when I use IR-connection.
    it's really annoying who can help me what do I have to do to make ist dissapear??
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    Have you installed RecoEcho+ or JOT from CIC? They are full screen GraffitiŽ applications. RechoEcho+ puts a small upside down triangle at the top of your screen to show where the alpha side is devided from the numeric side to the display.

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