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    Does anyone have a recommendation on how I can use my Treo 270 as a wireless modem to transmit images(under 300k) to an ftp sight? I found PDAnet sotware but it apparently only works with PCs. I have a G4 Powerbook looking for a way to transmit images through my Treo. Please let me know.
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    I'm Paolo from Italy and I'm in a same way as you.
    About it I've wrote to handspring's support and they wrote to me as follow.
    I hope this can I help you.
    I've tried on my iBook and all goes well.

    Thank you for contacting Handspring Technical Support.

    We understand that you want to use the Treo 270 as a wireless modem for your

    Although it would be very interesting to use a Treo 270 as a modem for your
    laptop, this is neither supported by Handspring nor is it likely to be
    practical. There would be several technical challenges involving keeping the
    connection to the internet active, the slow data communications rate of IR
    (infrared) signals, third party software to arbitrate the data exchange,
    cable engineering, etc.

    In mid-2002, we saw the release of the third party Treo software called
    TreoModem, found at:

    You can use the usb cable and I say that the speed is satisfactory.


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