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    I just got mine in the mail today (FINALLY), and I gotta say, after five minutes of playing with it...

    This thing sucks! I've tried two different pair of headphones, and had to resort to electric taping the adapter to the headphones to get it to stay making a 1/2 decent connection. I can't get a solid connection, keeps scratching, switching channels, etc...

    This normal, or do I just have bad luck?
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    If you are refering to the right angle headphone adaptor, I use mine all the time and it works perfectly. I think you have a defective one.
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    Is this a FM modulator?
    I tried one from radioshack and it works prety good.
    If it's for your car and you are not afraid to remove your tape to install it iwould go with something like this.

    it goes between your antenna and your stereo and eliminates any noise. and also powers from the car itself.
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    I also have the Handspring headphone adapter and use it with my Sony earbuds. I have never had ANY problems with it. Sounds like either you have a defective adapter, or a bad headphone jack in the phone. Does the eadbud that came with the phone work okay in the jack?

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    I had an issue once and upon further investigation, I found that I was not plugging in the 2.5mm into the adapter far enough.

    SOunds silly, but check that out too.
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    Yeah, just fired in the included headset (which I had not used yet, methinks the speakerphone works well enough in the car), and it worked fine...

    Guess I have a defective adapter.

    Which took twice as long to get here as the cradle I order two days later

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