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    It seems that the majority of software that is available for Palm devices is Windows only. With that in mind, I know there are a few of us who use Macs.

    I'd like to start a thread to find out what kind of software folks are using with their Treo600 and Mac OS X.

    Ideas: backup software (a la BackupBuddy), SD Card software, etc.

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    I use BackupMan on the T600. It's set to automatically wake up at 4 in the morning and it backs up everything to a 256MB Panasonic (10x Speed) SD card that lives in the phone. I have BackupMan set to keep 3 (automatic) backups on the SD card.

    I backup the SD card to the Mac whenever I remember, but at least once a week. I use a Addonics 7 or 8 in one reader (I forget how many different types of cards it takes). It uses a firewire connection instead of a USB connection, and it's really fast. It takes 40 seconds to backup the card (which has about 185 meg on it right now) in the finder.

    Backing up the 256MB card via a hotsync scheme or via a USB reader takes much longer. If your Mac has a USB2 port, you can use a USB2 card reader, though I don't think it'll be anywhere as fast as the firewire reader. Slow USB card readers that hook up to your Mac are really cheap. From nothing (with rebates) to $20 or so.

    I also hotsync all the time, though that will probably only wind up being once a week or so once I settle down with playing with my new toy .

    The Palm hotsync software has worked flawlessly for me on OSX 10.3.2, as does the Palm desktop software.

    Bill S
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    i'm waiting for my Treo 600 unlocked GSM... should be here today...
    looking forward to reading what you all are using on OSX
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    I run 10.3.2 and I have had ZERO problems with my GSM and my Mac. I've never had any problems with "Mac" software. I use Documents to Go, BugMe!, Splash Photo, SilverScreen, PTunes, and sync iCal, Address Book via iSync with out any trouble. So don't worry, there's plenty of useful titles out there that are Mac compatible.
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    I'm on Jaguar (still haven't gotten the chance to go and buy Panther) and using Palm Desktop in concert with iSync to sync my address book and iCal. It's been working wonderfully!! For MP3s I use pTunes and an SD card reader.

    Also, what is the advantage of using an actually backup program? I've gone through several hard resets and even a phone replacement and have been successful in backing up my phone to tip top shape just using my normal sync.
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    Originally posted by ivyrose
    Also, what is the advantage of using an actually backup program? I've gone through several hard resets and even a phone replacement and have been successful in backing up my phone to tip top shape just using my normal sync.
    The advantage is if your away from your Mac and have a hard reset, you can restore immediately.

    I use BackUp Man. Works great!
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    Great tips, everyone! Anyone else?
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    I have had no problems syncing my Treo 600 to my TiBook 1/Ghz running 10.3.2 however I am getting an "unexpected quit" every time I quit the Palm Desktop app. Everything seem to be working fine and thus far I haven't corrupted a database, it's more of an annoyance than anything right now. Anyone else run into this?


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    Overall, I've had no problems with using my t600 with my mac (10.3.2) except for one thing. I did find a rather NASTY isync bug last week. Here is what happened:

    I used to isync my palm and ipod with my mac. At some point I stopped syncing with my ipod. So last week (after several months of ignoring the ipod), I decided to isync the ipod again. To my surprise, instead of simply overwriting the ipod address book data with data from the mac, it SYNCED the data-- which was 6 months old on the ipod. Isync wanted to modify most of the data on my computer, so I cancelled the process. Unfortunately, this somehow corrupted my isync settings, and next time I synced my treo the address book would not sync with the treo anymore. Somehow, the address book became 'out of sync'. Nothing I tried could repair this, so I finally had to uninstall and reinstall Palm desktop, Isync, and palm conduit for isync. My actual data was never in danger, but this was one major pain in the *ss!

    So my major question for Apple is:
    Since an ipod is a one-directional device and has no input mechanism, why would isync try to sync data with an ipod instead of always overwriting with data from the computer. It just doesn't make sense. There will never be new data on the ipod that needs to be added to the main database since there is physically no way to enter data from the ipod.

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