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    An older thread had a guy saying he had turned his Treo 600 into a TV remote control.

    He didn't elaborate on how he did it... Does anyone know how to pull this off?
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    I beleive "Omni Remote" works with the Treo 600.

    It can be found at
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    I used to use OmniRemote on my Treo270 (remember that dinosaur?) It owrk great except that the range was only about 4 feet, not very useful as a remote. i called handspring about the issue and as i suspected the limited range was due to the low poer IR LED on the 270. I'm not sure if the T600 has a higher power LED, but it's sometihing to watch out for.
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    I use OmniRemote. It works but only 3 to 4 feet away. It also crash the Treo600 quite often that is why I deleted it.
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    Yeah, the range of the IR has nothing to do with the application, it's the hardware.
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    I downloaded two different programs... I can't remember which two. I was able to program the Treo 600 but for some reason I was unable to change any channels on the TV at any range.
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    I tried OmniRemote with my 600. I didn't work very well. I had to be almost touching the TV to get it to work. The infared range is seriously lacking. Oh well
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    Originally posted by Dr Reaper
    An older thread had a guy saying he had turned his Treo 600 into a TV remote control.

    The IR Range on almost every PalmPilot and Handspring is very poor. One of the IR remote control software companies was developing a SD card which had a IR transmitter on the end of it...

    So I guess that would be the best solution if you want to turn your $250+ Treo into a remote.
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    The old visors had quite a good IR range. They made (make) great remotes. I had all the devices in my house programmed in and never had to look for the remotes... I wish the treos worked as well... (6" is typical range with a 600)
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    Originally posted by jaytee
    The old visors had quite a good IR range. They made (make) great remotes. I had all the devices in my house programmed in and never had to look for the remotes... I wish the treos worked as well... (6" is typical range with a 600)
    That's why I used the word "Almost"...

    If I wasn't lazy I would find the study a guy did to measure the IR range on about 30+ different PDA devices.
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    I was wondering if somewone has come up with a fix for the remote control?

    I think it would be great to use the IR as a tv/vcr reomte control
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    Using the term "fix" it sounds liek your referring to some software upgradethat would give the T600s more range. Unfortunaely this is not the case. The probelm is all hardware. The only way to fix this issue is to open up your T600, and perform one or more of the following changes:

    redesign and rewire it so that the T600 is delivering more current to the IR LED (basically use a smaller current limiting resistor for the LED), thus over driving it for a short burst of time and effectively giving it more range.

    Now, continuously overdriving an LED will eventually burn it out, so while we have our T600 ripped apart, why don't we just replace the LED with one that has a higher power rating. We would need to make sure that the LED emits at the same wavelength as the one we pulled out.

    That should fix it.

    This is purely a blind hardware fix. If I were ballsy enough to try it (assuming i had the precision tools to actually do it), there's probably some other aspect of teh device that I would effect and ruin. In short- Don't try this!

    In reality this fix would have to be done by PalmOne and they would have to design for it. Maybe we can add this to the list of improvements we'd like to see in the rumored T610.
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    when I was looking into this issue a few months ago when I was having the same problem with my T270, I found a possible workaround, but I didn' like it.

    You could buy an IR repeater. There is a consumer product that remote control companies sell that I've seen online, sorry i don't have the link or any names handy.

    How it works: basically, you buy this device and plug it into the wall in, say your living room. You place it within raneg of your T600's IR LED, so let's say about 5 feet from where you sit. When you want to change the channel or someting, you point your T600 at the IR repeater, the repeater reads your IR signal and reemits it in all directions with high power LEDs that get like 20ft of range (maybe more).

    So if you have several devices in one room (like your entertainment system in yoru living room) you could use Omniremote to program you T600 to replace all of the remotes. Then just shoot the IR repeater at short range and control your entertainmernt system from across the room. This should work for those of your that really want to do it.

    I didn't like it for several reasons. I want to control IR devices all over my house and beyond. I don't want to have IR repeater all over my house (althogh, maybe someday...) and I certainly don't wnat to pay like $30 for each of these IR reapeaters.

    I hope this helps some of you.
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    OK, I went looking for the IR repeater that I remebered seeing and it works a little differently than I thought. This is actually a good thing because it has more functionality than I thought. It actually recieves the IR pulses from your remote (T600) and converts them to RF, this allows you to get 100ft of range THROUGH WALLS. the RF signal is then recieved by another device that is aimed at your entertainment system or whatever and that shoots IR back out to controll your TV or VCR...

    Another cool thing is that you can buy the transmitters and recievers seperately. So.... you could buy one transmitter, shoot that with your T600 and control EVERY PEICE OF ELECTRONICS IN YOUR HOUSE! If you buy like 4 recievrs and place them infont of your IR conrolled devices they will all recieve the RF transmission for the transmitter up to 100ft and thorgh walls and floors. Of course the IR devices will only respond to the IR pulses they recognize (your TV dosn't turn on when you use your VCR remote).

    So if you want you can place a transmitter in your bedrrom on the 4th floor of your mansion, use OmniRemote and your T600 to shoot it from your bed 5 ft. away and turn on the TV across the house and 4 floors down. This might be a problem if you have several TVs from the same manufacturer, but then you could just not place a receiver on one of them.

    SO this just got me a little excited and I started museing, sorry for the rant. the best prices i found were at

    It's about $40 for the transmitter/reciever pair. If you want extras (which i most certainly would) it's only $20 for the recievers and $30 for the transmitters.

    I may think about rigging my house up with this and use OmniRemote afterall...
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    Do any Palm devices, maybe the Clie series, have commercial grade IR? (Normal PDAs have Consumer grade) I know, in the PPC world, the midrange Ipaq has Commercial grade IR, along with being bundled with remote software. Some big home theater company, RCA maybe, is coming out with a similar PPC device, as well.
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    I don't know how helpful this is, but, yes, i have heard that other PDA's (Sony's name was mentioned) have higher power IR LEDS (commercial grade, i guess).

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