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    I searched but couldn't see an answer to this.....

    Has anyone used a Palm Wireless keyboard with a Treo600?

    Neither Handspring or Palm list the 600 as compatible but it seems to have all the right ingrediants to work (not that that always matter it seems!)

    Thanks Riz
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    Yeah, I have it and it works fine with my Treo600. Do a search for more users opinions here...
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    Thanks for the reply.

    It seems the cheapest of all of the keyboard options I've looked at so I guess I'll have to buy one now!


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    Cheapest and one of the best! I love it!
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    and I've used some egrips stuff to improve the handling and stability of the 600 when it's on the little stand thing. I put one piece on the bottom area where the handheld rests, and another on the little arm that rotates up for the IR - the two work together to kinda 'grip' (egrip?) the 600 when it's sitting there.

    I'll try and post a pic or two below.....
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    hmm - works pretty well, to attach a pic taken by the 600, I must say...
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    Top tip Nrosser!

    Is it very unstable without or is this belt and braces?


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    I use the Palm Wireless Keyboard - and it works t
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    ...treat - even without any grips etc. - He he!
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    The grips do a fine job, just making the 600 stay more firmly on the stand (it worked pretty well before, truth be told, and I had some extra egrips, searching for a place to be used, so there you go).
    Belts and braces - must be a UK colloquialism....clue me in... (I think I know what it means, in context, but I'm curious about the phrase)
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    Belt and braces - absolute security for the larger gentleman with baggy pants!

    Common UK saying for those occasions where it doesn't hurt to have backup....

    Thanks for you help


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