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    I have never really paid any attention to SMS until now because I've never had a need. But I just found out about how folks can send you AOL IM's to your cell phone number. This would be a real handy feature for me keeping in touch with my wife and daughter. I have tested it out and sure enough the message wakes up my phone and displays, etc. Question is - can I somehow reply to the IM directly within SMS or do I have to use AOL's IM program for the Palm?
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    This is a very clunky way to deal with AOL IM. You should consider using Chatter or Verichat.

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    AIM through Chatter is a breeze.

    All you need is an AIM account; no additional software to install other than Chatter.

    Plus if you have friends, family, customers, etc. that have MSN IM, Yahoo IM, etc. Chatter will bring it all together with one interface.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
    Dynamic Net, Inc.
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    Verichat uses one interface also. And you don't have to be connected to the network to receive your IM messages and the lastest version supports ICQ too..


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