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    I have tried a number of replacements for keyguard. I am looking for an app that can disable all of the buttons on the Treo 600 when powered off and provide an easy to power on the T600 and enable the keys again. I have tried the apps listed below.

    Disable Buttons - Almost does what I want. There is an option to override disable buttons by double tapping any of the disabled keys. I have two problems though. I only want 1 button to be able to override. Also, i usually takes more than two taps before overriding (sometimes 4, 5, or 6).

    Qlaunch - has an option to disable buttons but it doesn't provide any slick way to override. I have turn the power back on using the top power button. This is okay sometimes but other times you just need a quick glance and this slows you down.

    I have tried a combination of both. I used Qlaunch to diasble all buttons except the power button. Then used Disable buttons to disable the power button. This limits the double tap feature to just the power button. One problem was solved but I still have to tap the hell out of the power button before the device comes on again.

    Is there an app that combines the best of both of these apps and still provides a way to override easily?

    Another possible solution I thought about would require the opt + power button to be mapped from keygaurd to power. The sandman can be mapped to the power button to turn off (even when on the phone) and option+power can be used to turn on. Has this been figured out yet? Also is it possible to assign power to any other option+button combinations?

    Someone has to have the perfect solution. I tried just turning off the keyguard but I carry my Treo in my pocket. I fear accidentally erasing my data or calling someone and saying something stupid. I want the keyguard off because it interferes with too many helpful apps.
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    I'm with you on DisButtons, though all I would like to see is the double-triple-quadruple-(what's next?) press bug fixed.
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    How about ESPGUARD? It disables all buttons until you want to use them.

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    Just to understand: what is the probloem with keyguard?
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    Originally posted by dbouchon
    Just to understand: what is the probloem with keyguard?
    Apart from the problems with some apps, for me it's mostly a personal thing: I can't stand the "press power and then press center button". Double press the same button is just so much easier.

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