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    This is comical. If I try to access PALMGEAR.COM, I get the following page with two links that redirect me back to the same page over and over with blazer on my T600. LOL I can't enter the site past this page!!!

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    yeah, I thought that was funny too. But, very annoying.
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    And, whatever you click it comes back to it
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    Originally posted by Mahootzki
    And, whatever you click it comes back to it
    Yup, same thing happened to me. The little "Help" link at the bottom gets you to another page, but then any attempt to go from there redirects you back to the same opening page that doesn't lead anywhere.
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    I believe you can get around this by using webpro. This really frustrated me one day. The downside to WebPro though is that I couldn't see the links to download anything. Also, When I gured out where the links were located I could start the download process but couldn't get anything to to download.
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    Where can I get Webpro? Better yet, where can I download it using blazer? Or any other browser that is better than blazer....I suppose I should do a search.
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