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    Does anyone know of a way to make the Treo 600 phone appliction default to your favorits instead of the dial pad?

    The favorites screen has all the functionality I need and may be superior in some ways to a lot of the launcher programs.

    From the favorites I can easily launch up to 10 (50 if you include other pages) applications without having to hold buttons down or try to remember which key does what.

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    Am I really alone on this one? Does noone else want the favorites to show up when you open the phone application?

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    I guess since you can just have the fav's set in button settings and just hit "up" or whatever you want it does not seem to be of a concern to anyone.
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    TechDude . . . . I wondered about that too . . I liked the way my Treo 270 had favourites first . . . I was thinking they changed it becuase the Treo600 is not a flip phone so your Favourites would be constantly dialling in your pocket . . .not everyone remembers to set Keyguard or use a security app like 'onlyme' (which I recommend). But you are right that we should at least have the option so we can use keyguard or security app and go straight to Favourites if we want . . . . . the DialPad is kinda bland . . I liked the Favourites too . . . . . but in some ways its nice to have a change . . even a forced one!
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    I have been trying to figure this out myself. Hoping someone has an answer.
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    I don't have my manual here, but can't you assign "any app" to any of the four "main" buttons? With two settings each: normal plus silver-shifted.
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    Unfortunately, Favorites is not an application in itself, but a screen within the phone application.


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