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    I have recently noticed a new problem with my Treo600. In the past I would have some random instances when my Treo would freeze and require a soft reset. Today I noticed that everytime after I used the Treo600SMS third party app, and tried to use another application (main phone page, datebook, applications, etc.) the treo would freeze with a blank screen on and all the keys lit. Nothing would happen and then eventually I would have to do a soft reset. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Does anyone know how to fix this incompatibility? Weirdly enough, it is now working like normal. I am no electrical engineer, but I am not sure why it would have this glitch and then return back to normal like this? I am hoping not to have to do a hard reset and then re-add all my apps back to find the problem.
    Clement J. Cheng
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    I ran into some instability at first too. Especially if I sent multiple messages at a time. lately I've been hitting the app, then phone button after I send an SMS. This seems to keep it from crashing. I guess it just unloads the app from memory and makes it reset itself. I haven't had any problems since I started doing this.

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