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    You know - I'm quite surprised that no one has done this yet - a game that can be played with multiple people through the net....

    In all honsety, a game like Monopoly, or Poker, or something like that should work pretty easily one would think?

    I'm not saying that a fighting game or something should work, or Gizmo / NesEm multiplayer will be that successful... but there are plenty of games out there that should work --- Chess?

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    I can make one that would work with any palm or handheld but they would have to have internet access. I can make a webpage game... email multiplayer turn based game.

    There are two factors that are drawbacks to this...
    1. how many people would pay to play?
    2. we need a complete game design.
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    This thread discusses some of the current multiplayer games available. I'm sure there's probably more by now, you'd just have to look around. I haven't tried any myself.
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    The Championship series of card games are suppose to support multiplayers on Palm devices. On their website, they said it even supports Palm OS phone such as Samsung I330 or I500. I could not get it to work on my Treo 600 yet. I emailed their tech support but has not gotten any replies.

    Is there a Telnet program available that let you telnet into text MUDs.. .like back in the old college days...

    Your slash did UNSPEAKABLE damage to a fido!!!

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