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    I just got my Krusell case for my treo 600 sprint phone.

    I have a problem getting it into the case. Cant get it to fit in. after 5 minutes of pushing i finally got it in.

    I ordered it even though it said GSm phone , there was no cdma version at executive
    got the GSM after a few people on here said it fit the Sprint phone.
    Did I order the wrong one?

    Thanks ahead of time for anyone who helps me out.
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    I got my Krusell case yesterday and it fits like a charm. I also have the Sprint CDMA version phone. It's the best case I've had thus far and I would highly recommend it. I also ordered the one that was labeled for the GSM version which is the only one they ship. There may be something wrong with the case you received if it took you that long to fit it in. Once I received it mine fit right in after a matter of seconds.
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    Will have to return . That sucks , an awsome case.

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