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    Witch Launcher apps are able to show signal stength?
    LauncherX dees but are there more?
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    - bump -
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    WASSUP does ans so does Today..
    And what does BUMP mean???
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    "BUMP" Bumps a topic to the top of the list.

    MegaLauncher will have T600 support is a few month, till then I am using LauncherX. It is nice, but I cannot wait till MegaLauncher comes out!
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    my preferred weapon of choice
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    SilverScreen works pretty well on my Treo 600. I'm not sure why I really even use it because it is not that great. I guess I like the enhanced UI that it provides.
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    Originally posted by lenman
    WASSUP does ans so does Today..
    Does they?
    I already use WASSUP but I can't see any signal strenght indicator... I use version 1.4.2
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    I think McPhling is great. I have it mapped to long presses of left and right so that I can launch my favourites from within any app. I couldn't live without this one!
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    I have been using Megalauncher since it came out and I love it. I hope they can speed up their adapting to the Treo 600.

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