I was looking at a message in the Hardware forum and ended up finding a link to a beta version of Handspring mail for the Sprint Treo 600.

What's nice is after you download & install the mail .prc file, you can send emails from the Treo that include photos you take as attachments.

When you go to send a new email, look under "Options", "Insert Attachment", and you can select from all of the photos you've taken on the Treo.

If you already have SnapperMail configured on the Treo, use the same smtp settings for Handspring Mail.

Also, don't worry if your ISP isn't on the defaul pick list. Mine wasn't, but I just chose one of the default providers and changed the settings to fit my isp and it works.

Bottom line: Free POP3 mail client that works on the Sprint version of the Treo 600 and it easliy sends photos as attachments.