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    Been waiting and waiting for Treo600 for T-Mobile.. Anybody heard anything recently on when the release date will be?

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    I was going to switch from Sprint to T-Mobile in December... visited the T-Mobile store in downtown San Francisco a number of times. The Treo 600's were due in but it kept slipping. By mid-December the rep there said it was looking to him like they were going to be delayed well into January, perhaps longer. I gave up on T-Mobile and decided to keep a Sprint Treo 600 purchased at full retail (ouch!) from the local Franklin-Covey store in early December (the main Sprint store downtown, STILL doesn't have Treo 600's to sell).

    For what it's worth, I tried T-Mobile's service around town (using a RIM 7230) and the coverage/connection quality wasn't nearly as good as Sprint's. I did keep the T-Mobile Wi-Fi service (for my laptop).
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    Well lets see... they missed the holidays completely. I am starting to wonder if we will ever see it. Sux!
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    (already posted something similar twice elsewhere - here it is again!)

    The CEO of PalmOne just said during an analyst presentation that TREO 600s compatible with T-Mobile and Verizon would be available soon - not necessarily SOLD by T-Mobile or Verizon, but compatible with them.
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    I was at a T-Mobile store a couple days ago and the rep. read me an email that T-Mobile had sent to their salespeople. Basically it said that the T-Mobile stores will NOT be selling the Treo600s. It said that the only option for purchasing a T-Mobile branded Treo 600 would be through Handspring. It also stated that the release date would be sometime in Jan 2004, and that T-Mobile would be handling only minor support issues with the Treo, and all other issues would be referred back to Handspring.

    Sounds like T-Mobile wants to push the support responsibilities to Handspring. Are there widespread reliablility/support problems with the Treo600 that we're not hearing about? This may explain their hesitancy about carring the Treo600.

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