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    What is the best NON-synching to a desktop PC way?
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    You should make sure that what you are doing does not violate any corporate policy. If I had to guess, I'd say it least, it would be a violation at every corporation I have ever worked for. In fact, my company's current policy clearly states that forwarding corporate email to an external account is grounds for dismissal. There are several very good reasons for this type of policy, not the least of which is mail loops. Scenario: you are forwarding all email to an external POP account. You inadvertently go over the message size limit on that POP account, causing incoming email to that POP account to "bounce" back to the sender, in this case, your Lotus account. Now your Lotus account dutifully forwards the "bounce" message back to your POP account, which bounces again and replies to your Lotus account....see a vicious circle forming? This could potentially bring your corporate mail server to a screeching about getting some IT attention!

    Don't mean to sound like I am lecturing, just trying to offer a word of an IT professional.

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    Originally posted by jpganovsky

    I use CommonTime mNotes. Check it out

    This app is very good, give it a try it comes with a 30 day eval
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    I use AT&Ts service Office-Online at $2.99/mo (but you need to have the data service too) it seems like good value. You can filter which emails to send (ALL or specify which persons/subjects should be forwarded).

    I only signed up yesterday but figured that for the price I would try it out.

    It seems to work well and I managed to set it up without any great wailing or gnashing of teeth in about 10 minutes.

    One drawback. Your PC (where your Notes desktop resides) must be on so the client san forward the email.

    You also need a document reader on you device to read attachments.

    Data Viz have a similar product (that bundles the doc reader for $80) which I haven't investigated much.
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    I lucked out - my company received a boatload of t600's to evaluate. They used a product called 'one bridge' It worked perfectly with my T300 but the 600 wuld hang. What we found was that sprint blocked the port we were using and we had to use an open port. I say all this to say that you will probably need to have IS involved because as the previous poster said, it is generally a voilation to place agents and such on corporate mail servers.

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