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    I have been at this for 4 hours. I have read the threads, on hold with sprintpcs now.

    So could someone please tell me where to ge snappermail manuel. I bought, downloaded and can't find mannual

    Please walk me what I need to do to use snapper mail to retrive my pop3 at

    Treomail made this simple, but this is anything but simploe.

    Thanks, I need the help.

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    Please post what settings you are trying to use for Snappermail (and what settings you had on Treomail)

    Are you having difficulty sending or receiving mail?

    I am using Snappermail with no difficulty to receive and send both mindspring email and email from my work account.
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    I just got the ability to receive from mindspring. so that part works.

    for sending, I had read you needed to us esprintpcs so here are my settings for sending are:

    SMTP Server:
    password that I went to sprintpcs web page and added this morning.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    another option (if sprintpcs doesn't work) is to use the authenticated smtp server from earthlink/mindspring to send the mail.

    Those settings are:

    Outgoing Mail:

    SMTP Server:
    Password: yourpassword

    (Obviously inserting your own earthink/mindspring username and password where appropriate above. It is important to put in the '' part of the username so earthlink knows where to look up your password.)
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    Dear Jaytee,

    Thank you so much. It looks as if this works. I live in Atlanta, too. I was so frustrated I played golf this cold afternoon. What a pleasant surprise to come back to your response with the solution. I really depend upon e mail on my treo since Oct 2002. I really needed to get it up and running on my T 600.

    Thanks a lot.


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