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    Regarding WebPro --- works fine(except the 5 way)
    I got the application from a magazine disk plus a code key from a clie website to stop the message popping up every time you change page. I received the code for my clie tg50 which I was using on my network via bluetooth.

    I am sure I can send you the bits and pieces if you want

    I know Palm told me it would not work on treo but works fine with this clie upgrade

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    Agendus Pro
    Backupbuddy (and VFS)
    Bob's Alarm
    Cell Plan Tracker
    QuickWord Premium
    FileZ (Although I'll probably delete it now that I've registered ZLaunder)
    Graffiti Anywhere
    HandZipper Lite
    Splash Wallet Suite (Couldn't live without Splash ID!)
    SlovoEd English/French French/English dictionary
    Treo600 Butler
    Tricorder (so I can pretend I'm on the Enterprise)
    Yahdice (Yatzi)

    I'm also using that great little utility that changes the color of your emphasis when scrolling through options...did it have a name?

    I'm now going looking for some of the apps mentioned by others in this thread!
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    I have the Sprint Treo and I use Yahoo e-mail which I check exclusively on the internet. I don't use any programs like Outlook, etc. Is SnapperMail what I should get if I want to be able to use the address book in my Treo to write e-mails, rather than rely on the addresses stored online with Yahoo? Thanks.

    Regarding arielmt's decision between several different apps.

    I used HandyShopper for a quite a while but switched to SplashShopper about a year ago. The interface is much better and the ability to view and edit the lists on the desktop was crucial for me. I'd recommend SplashShopper.

    I also use SplashID but I haven't used another ID program. I've been supper happy with SplashID. Same benefits as SplashShopper with the Desktop version and great user interface on the handheld.
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    Snappermail is the way to go for Yahoo mail. It works perfectly, and has support for Word, Excel and other types of attachments.
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    Originally posted by rosenft
    Snappermail is the way to go for Yahoo mail. It works perfectly, and has support for Word, Excel and other types of attachments.
    Keep in mind that you need the subscription to yahoo mail to be able to check it with any pop3 mail client.
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    Geekymom - can u give lnks to message - could not find it...

    Thx, JSJSJS
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    The name of the app is "Message" it says "This App created with PDA ToolBOX (c)2001 by KingWare, " I tried to track down the developer from the "About" section of the app but could not, here is the link but it doesn't work anymore:

    I have Snapper so if you want to PM me your email address I think I can send the file over to you since I have it on my PDA unless there is another way of exporting it.
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    Originally posted by Alli

    Keep in mind that you need the subscription to yahoo mail to be able to check it with any pop3 mail client.
    Not if you use yahoo pops!
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    Originally posted by gfunkmagic

    Not if you use yahoo pops!
    Ok, I'll bite......what's yahoo pops?
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    Originally posted by Alli

    Ok, I'll bite......what's yahoo pops?

    it basically lets you check your yahoo mail with any windows pop 3 client.
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    All licensed/free

    AT&T OfficeOnline
    AIM 1.2
    BackUpBuddyVFS 2.13
    Cell Plan
    Clip PRO
    DateBk5 5.1a sF
    Date Mate 2004
    Dir Assist
    Launcher X
    LoanWiz Pro
    MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority)
    Minutes PLUS
    Mobilefile (remote access to desktop files)
    PrintBoy 5.1
    QuickOffice Premier
    Schedule 2.22r
    SnapperMail Standard
    Soft Reset
    Stock Mgr
    Treo 600 Butler
    TravelTracker 3.6 (a must for the frequent traveler)
    WorldMate PRO
    X-Man 1.1 (Manhatten Address Locator)
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    I've added:

    CallFilter (sends categories of callers to voicemail ... I have it set to send business calls to voicemail at night and on weekends and personal calls to voicemail during weekdays. Blocked caller IDs always get sent to voicemail in my configuration.)

    PalmPrice (didn't work at first but is working better now.... checks product prices that you find in brick and morter stores against online prices at

    ZagatToGo (I've deleted Vindigo because the Zagat reviews are better and I can get movie listings through Blazer.

    ClipPro (Eliminates clip board memory limits)

    MovingBilboard (free)

    Joke (free app that downloads jokes)

    Lines (free)

    PalmPuke (free - makes a noise to let me know my memory card accidentally popped out, reminds me of the old MacPlus app.)

    RadioControl (saves my battery by auto shutting off my phone between 1AM and 6AM)

    OnlyMe (I've tested most of the security apps. Avoid PDA Defense and TealLock untill they release new versions fixing nasty bugs. I wish they would update GridLock, which has zen-like qualities but is buggy.)

    TreoSelecText (Absolutely **MUST HAVE** should be built-in functionality of the 600!)
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    Most of my stuff has been collected over the years. I have more apps, but I don't use it all anymore...
    Docs to Go
    Keyboard (Palm Wireless)
    Keyring (holds account no's etc)
    Palm Reader Pro
    RescoView (trial - next purchase!)
    SlovoEd (English-Spanish dictionary)
    Splash Money
    Verbs (Spanish verbs)
    Clip Pro
    TreoCaps 600
    TreoSelect Text
    Handzipper Light
    I am still waiting for Kb Tracker to become t600 compatible. Some of these things such as KeyCaps 600, mLights etc should have been built into the t600 - maybe next version. They make it SO MUCH easier to use!

    Now if only the Treo came with more memory - He he! I do love my Treo 600
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    Where can I find the aforementioned PalmPrice and CallFilter apps? These sound terrific!
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    Here is what is under MY hood....

    Agendus PRO
    NotePad (Copied from another Palm OS device)
    Speak Memo (From the FREE section of
    Call Filter
    Media Manager
    Phone Cuard
    TC Ringer
    Treo Alert Manager
    Treo Helper
    Acid Solitair
    Dope Wars
    Warfare Inc.
    BMIDI Play
    HoHo Ringer Manager
    Icon Manager
    Light Wave
    Pocket Tunes Delux
    Finger Dial
    Mail (Free Beta For Sprint Users)
    Yahoo Messenger
    Maopoplis & Many, Many Maps
    Tones of MIDI files as Ringers & Alarms
    Lots of Custom Grafx to choos from for Backgrounds
    Matrix "Splash Screens" for the Wireless Mode switch (On/Off)

    Pocket Express Entertainment Pack - MultiMedia Card
    (Was purchased for my Handera 330, Now in my T600)
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    Anyone add anything recently?

    Add these to my list:

    Flames (game)
    GTS Racing (game)
    Media Manager (utility)
    TreoSelecText (utility)
    iNoah (utility)
    CallFilter (send callers directly to voicemail)
    Lightwav (plays MP3 ringtones)

    I played with the Java beta from Palm and the Reqwireless Webviewer and deleted both after they caused hard resets.
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    Boxwave ClearTouch - a "must have"
    egrips - a "must have"
    Plantronics MX150 Handsfree Headset
    SanDisk 256MB SD Card - a "must have"
    Serial HotSync Cable
    Stereo Headphones
    Stereo Headphone Adaptor - Modifications
    Stylus 3-Pack

    SOFTWARE (Games)

    Alchemy (v2.11)
    Atomica (v2.11)
    Bejeweled (v2.23) - a "must have"
    Blackjack (v1.12)
    BlockHopper (v?)
    BugTrap (v3.0)
    DopeWars (v2.3)
    Euchre (v4.5)
    GTS Racing Challenge (v1.03.12)
    Hearts (v1.1)
    HMaki (v3.9) - recommended
    Hold Em for Palm OS (v1.0)
    Incoming (v1.3)
    InsaniQuarium! (v1.09)
    IrBattleship (v1.0)
    JacksOrBetter (v1.2)
    Klondike (v2.2t)
    Mahjongg2 (v2.3)
    Medieval Heroes Free (v1.5.3)
    MixMatch (v?)
    Mummy Maze (v2.10)
    Omaha Poker (v1.0.1)
    PalmJongg (v3.2)
    PDAce (v1.2)
    Rally 1000 (v4.2) - recommended
    Seven Seas (v2.10)
    Shuffle (v1.2)
    Solar Wars (v3.08) - recommended
    TapDown (v1.6.0)
    Yoda (v1.2.1)
    Zap!2016 (v1.7)

    SOFTWARE (Utilities)

    AfterSync (v1.1)
    BackupMan (v1.45) - support site - a "must have"
    BatteryGraph (v1.21)
    Bob's Alarm (v2.34) - support site
    Bob's Pop/Lock (v1.18) - support site This will probably replace ClockPop5 after Bob works out the kinks
    ClockPop5 (v5.0b1)
    Documents To Go Premium (v6.005)
    FileZ (v5.3)
    Idea Pad (v1.4.2)
    KeyCaps600 (v?) - a "must have"
    LauncherX (v1.1)
    LookAtMe (v1.4)
    MinutesPlus (v1.06) - support site - a "must have"
    PalmPuke (v0.2 or V0.5?)
    Parens Lite (v1.0)
    PDF reader for PalmOS (v3.05)
    phone_logo.prc (shows duration in call log) - a "must have"
    Pocket Tunes (v2.2.1)
    Profiles (v0.18) - TC thread
    Qset.prc - TC thread
    Radio Control (v1.1) - a "must have"
    Sandman (v1.1)
    TreoSelectText (v2.0) - a "must have"

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    Some great programs to mention:
    1)Mobile DB 4 by Handmark - A must have!
    2) Splash Wallet Suite
    3) WorldMate Pro

    A few questions about some software titles:
    1) AGENDUS Professional
    Is this better than the address, email, and calendar software that comes with the Treo 600?
    2) What is the top pick for MP3 player? Pocket Tunes?
    3) What is the top pick for photo viewer? Resco?
    4) What is the best Palm OS web browser?
    5) Do the eGrips make it difficult to slide the Treo 600 in and out of a case?


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    Originally posted by jimmyk001
    What’s on YOUR Treo 600?
    9. Pocket Tunes (the free Treo version you get when you register)
    How do you get the free tunes?? I have a Sprint Treo? does that matter?
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by jimmyk001
    [B]What’s on YOUR Treo 600?

    Well, my short list:

    Backup Manager - Used automagically at
    night on a nightly basis.
    Backup Buddy - really like the desktop
    portion of this app.
    Bob's Alarm - a wow of an alarm clock
    Bob's Popup (trying this one - it's a companion program to Bob's Alarm)
    CallFilter - does an excellent with blocked
    numbers- waiting on the no caller id
    Chatter - use this every day for chat
    and IMAP email. For those looking
    for push email - it is worth looking at.
    It is not a full fledged email program.
    CoLauncer - tried all of the launch
    programs and purchased two. This is
    the one still on the device.
    Comet - keeping a permanent record
    of all phone calls.
    Compass - good program, lousy
    support. Does not work properly
    on the Treo 600, though on the 300
    it is ok.
    Crash - just have not deleted it.
    DateBook 5 - wouldn't be without it.
    Filez - would't be without it.
    HanDBase - wouldn't be without it.
    Used bunches of time throughout the
    day - relational database.
    LightNZip - used with Snappermail.
    Off-It - turns the lights off (in my head
    sometimes - not used all that often).
    PalmReader - the pay version. I have
    lots of ebooks on the card.
    Snappermail - wouldn't be without it.
    Though I use Chatter for IMAP email
    ShapperMail handles what Chatter
    TakePhone - wouldn't be without it.
    TreoAlertMgr - there but not active.
    TreoHelper - there but not active.
    Verichat - on the card, but not used in
    Adobe Reader - for adobe files - used
    on occasion.
    Dir Assistant - handy.
    Ohms - a utility used on occasion.
    PayOff Plus
    PocketLingo - I have both the dictionary
    and thesaurus.
    Pocket Tunes
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