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    I haven't found a satisfactory security program for the T600. IMHO the PDA Defense application has too many bugs, such as the one that causes soft resets when you try to dial directly from your contact list. mSafe is cool because it allows you to lock your phone by sending an SMS to it. So if your phone ever gets stolen you can shoot a message to it and have some peace of mind. But it's easy to unlock phones I have heard. And it does nothing for memory cards. I like and use GridLock (which is freeware and worth the download time). But GridLock inhibits the autofetch feature of SnapperMail.

    So I ask you: what are the best security apps out there and/or what approach do you take?
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    I use OnlyMe.

    I have tested PDASecure, PDADefense & Teallock and OnlyMe works best for my needs.

    I have commented on this on some other thread and will not repeat here.

    Do a search and I am sure you will find many discussions on this.
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    OnlyMe doesn't say that it's T600 compatible. What happens when the phone rings? Will it lock your memory card as well?
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    I now have a Treo 600 and use OnlyMe (I used it previously on my Treo 270).

    I also have tried several others and find it to be the best for my needs . . plus the developer answers emails by return! He even sent me a 'tweaked' version to allow me to have an image displaying on startup without any buttons (ie . just the pure image), becuase I couldnt get the 'capture' function to work correctly. Full marks for support and assistance.

    Your phone rings and you can then answer/talk/hang up/ignore even when 'locked' . . plus my Datemate and Treo Alarms all function through it too.

    The best thing about it for me is that you can assign a 'keypress' as a password . . I use button 3 twice . . this means I dont have to fumble on the keyboard to type a 'password' . . it becomes second nature in time and you can forget about using the irritating Keyguard' if you set onlyMe to activate pretty much straight away.

    Dont hesitate . . buy it now!

    PS : I dont know what you mean by 'locking removable cards' . . . as far as I can see there is nothing to physically stop removal . . . in any security application?
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    Can not find OnlyMe. Link please....
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    Originally posted by GeekyMom
    Can not find OnlyMe. Link please....

    (Please try Google before asking for links nextime)
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    Originally posted by gyrfalcon

    (Please try Google before asking for links nextime)
    Well I tried Palmsource and Palmgear, that should have done it.

    Anyhoo, thanks and I will try and remember to Google next time.
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    Originally posted by rosenft
    IMHO the PDA Defense application has too many bugs, such as the one that causes soft resets when you try to dial directly from your contact list.
    There is a new version out of PDA Defense, which, according to their website supports the Treo 600. I am currently testing it. Have not experienced the soft resets, yet.

    I was told by Trust Digital techs that they should have a version to support the Treo 600 out this month.

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    I must be a little paranoid about my Treo because I downloaded a security program and then I thought; but what if you mess up somewhere in the setup (which is about a 50/50 chance for me) then I am out of a Treo and access to my programs and files with serious related stress.

    So for now, I think I will just take my chances without.
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    Ok, here's what I posted on another thread:

    " PDASecure - good idea for locking apps (with the wipe/bomb feature) but not the entire phone, but lousy implementation for Treos. Crashed my Treo 270 bad in the past, requiring hard resets, and slows down Treo 600 significantly. They never replied my e-mails. Don't bother with this one.

    PDADefense - One major flaw - will crash if you try to dial from contacts search. They warn you about this in the user manual. So, that makes it pretty useless.

    Teallock - Do a warm reset and you bypass the program altogether (reverts back to system security) , making the wipe/bomb feature useless.

    OnlyMe - used on my Visor Prism, Treo 270 and now latest version I'm using with my Treo 600. Not perfect, but still the best around IMHO. Does not have encryption, but I don't need it. Although the wipe/bomb feature is mentioned only for site licensing use (ie. corporate edition), I requested for a version of onlyme with the wipe/bomb feature from the developer and he happily sent me one. This program does it job, and does it well compared with all the other products mentioned above.

    Of all the above, I honestly like the PDASecure's concept best, but like I said, the thing just does not work properly on Treos.

    Just my 2 cents..... "
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    I use YAPS (yet another password safe).

    I got it when I was using a Palm Vx. I've since used it on my Tungsten|T and now on my Trio600. Love it! Simple to use yet nice and secure.
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    I use TealLock.

    The latest beta version allows you to use the phone while it is locked.

    I was not aware of the Warm Reset issue. They may have sorted it out now ? I will give it a try and see what happens.

    I also use Cryptinfo to store really important things, like passwords etc. It comes from the people who write Pocket Tunes and has been around for quite a long time.

    I think this is bomb proof, but would be pleased to hear from onyone who knows different

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    I am trying OnlyMe. It seems pretty decent but:

    It doesn not seem to allow either SnapperMail or BizCon to operate in the background when the device is locked.

    This is a problem for me. Did anyone else have this experience?
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    Update on the Warm Reset thing and TealLock.

    this seems to be a Palm OS thing that would affect most front end locking programs.

    However if the Palm, or the progam in question, is locked before a Warm Reset is done, then the Warm Reset will still take you to a lock out screen. so it's not such a big issue if you have set up your app to lock on a regular basis.

    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    I password protect my MS Word docs and sync, password included, with docs-to-go.
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    I use Splash ID for passwords, ATM numbers, all that sort of stuff. If anyone really wants to know my schedule or read any recent emails, oh well.
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    Whoops. Unintentional bump.
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    I have just received a refurbished unit that replaced my original Treo600. Problem is, when iu try to initially hotsync, the screen asks for my handheld password. I don't have a G###### password, or didn't set one. But someone did. *******. Question is, how do I override it? I have filez. Seems the passwork isn't needed for the entire system, just during hotcync and if i try to change the owner info. No password, thus no hotsync and no new owner info! Please help!
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    mSafe from MotionApps to supplement the Palm Security program and SplashID.

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