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    I noticed that the Palm Desktop being offered at palmOne looks considerably more featureful than the Handspring equivalent. As far as I can see, they are both the same version, but it doesn't list Handsprings units as supported.

    My gripe is that floating events aren't supported in the Palm Desktop for handspring (don't know if the same problem exists on palmOne's version though).

    Just wondering...
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    What do you see that looks like it has more features? Both the Palm and HS versions are 4.1.
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    My fault. I already saw the version numbers were the same .. but it looks like the palmOne version doesn't have anything different.

    however .. that also begs the question on floating events? why aren't they supported in the desktop version?
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    The 'Palm Desktop 4.1' I installed from my Treo 600 CD is considerably different to the 'Palm Desktop 4.1' I just downloaded and installed form PalmOne! Whats going on here?

    The 'new' one has extra applications . . NotePad . . Expenses . . Palm Photo Album (which looks great!) plus a much nicer Install window witha separate pane for my Card?

    Anyone know how I can get the NotePad and Palm Photos onto my handheld? Cant see any prcs anywhere?
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    Does the PALM ONE still have the TREO PICTURES option?
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    Expense would be nice. Do you have it on the 600? If so, how? The PRC cannot be beamed from another PDA and it is not on my computer.
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    In early versions of the Palm, Expense was built into ROM. It may be once again. I think there's something on the PalmOne website about needing a plug-in for Palm Photos, but nothing about where that plug in might be found. My guess is it ships with new Palms only.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.

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