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    I have a Sprint Treo 600, a San Disk SD 512MB card and am using the latest version of Pocket Tunes. However, the music skips pretty often. I ordered the SD card from Amazon, so I had them replace the card, but I get the same results from the second card. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    What bitrate are you using? Which encoding method (MP3 vs OGG)?

    I have found PT handles my 160kps VBR's without a problem. But it chokes on OGG's with Quality 3.5

    I think this is an issue with PT needing lots of processing power (more than the T600 can provide), not so much the ability to read off the card, since the MP3 are generally larger per minute.
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    I'm thinking that it is the processing power myself. The SD card is extremely fast if I use in on my external card reader. I've tried both MP3 and OGG with similar results. I suppose I will just work on reducing the Kbps and Khz of the music files to see if I can find a size that sounds decent without stuttering.
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    I am having the same issue with my Sandisk 256mb card and pockettunes. I was thinking of buying the faster ultra2 SD card, but if you really think it is the hardware, and not the card, I won't bother. Maybe there is a mp3 software that uses less processing power than pockettunes?
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    My Sandisk 256mb card is fast enough for MP3 and Ogg if I'm not doing anything else, but it skips ocassionally when it's in the background (especially with things like Acrobat Reader).

    I have found that Aeroplayer (which I was using on my Tungsten) uses less CPU than PocketTunes. Unfortunately Aeroplayer doesn't support the DPad.

    It might just be a coincidence, but the two albums I have recorded at Ogg -q2 refuse to skip at all whereas the rest of my Oggs (-q5 & -q6) skip when I change pages in Plucker.
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    Noticed the same with my 512 SD card. Version downloaded (for free from Treo) was V2.104 basic. Just upgrade this to V2.110 from PT and it appears to have corrected the skipping/noise problems.
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    It turns out that it was my Sprint Business Connection updating my Outlook email that was the culprit. Appearently, each time my Treo connected to update my mail, PT would start skipping during the update process. After I switched off auto-update for BC, PT has been skip-free.
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    I updated from the 2 week trial version to the free version that comes with the Treo registration, and now all my skipping has stopped. The trial version must have been an older build that was flawed. Glad my Sandisk 256 card is not the culprit, now I can use it until the price on the 512 cards comes down under $99!

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