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    Ok, I'm a bit frustrated. I've been searching all over TreoCentral, Palm1,, etc. and I can't find where to get the Beta version (or any version for that matter) of Handspring Mail.

    Can someone please help with a link??? It's free, right?

    - Thanx
    - Jon
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    Ah. I see here: that it's only available for the GSM version of the T600?

    I have CDMA/Sprint. Am I forced to use something like SnapperMail if I want to get a POP3 client for the T600 that does attachments?

    - Jon
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    Here is a story with a link to the SprintPCS version of the Mail program included with the GPRS phones...

    It is a beta version, with the 1.0 to come out soon (according to the story). I have been using it and it works fine.
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    Excellent! Thank you G Dub!

    - Jon

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