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    In order to squeze out a little more battery life out of my Treo600 I have TreoHelper install and have the Drop Net options for Grey arrows after 2 minutes. Well for the life of me this will not work. The only setting that seams to work is to drop the net connection with grey after 5 seconds. And needless to say this makes email not to fun. When I disconnect by hand and the next time i go to use the treo it is asking if I would like to connect to the network.

    So what I would like to do is find out which app I have installed that is trying to use the network. Is there a program that will log which app attept access? Or do I need to remove each one by hand and test? (I really don't want do this it would take way to long).

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    :menu: Jeremy

    PS. I have chatter installed but I make sure to it shutdown when not in use. And I use BizConn for my email.
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