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    I use Supernames as a contacts manager in my Treo 600. But it does not seem to work well with the f-way. When an entry is selected and I push teh Center button, the entry appears briefly on the screen and then disappears. There are other problems as well. Anyone have the same problem, or a fix? I re-downloaded today but no joy.
    Laissez Faire
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    there is no support for the Treo 600 5-way. Developer says there is, but they're wrong.
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    I have no problems with SuperNames. Works fine since version 2.22. The last one is 2.24b5 (05.11.2004)
    in the list view:
    -up/down=scrolling by page.
    -center=select contact.
    when a contact is selected:
    -up/down=scrolling by contact.
    -center=open contact view.
    in contact view:
    -center=dialing contact.
    -left=return to the list.

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