I just wonder if anyone else using an unlocked T600 is having the issues that I am. When someone leaves me a voicemail, I get 2 notifications. One is from the T600 that says I have VM. The second appears as a text message from AT&T from some odd number. When I listen to and clear my message I also get another of the odd text messages at the same time that the VM icon clears.

I am guessing that AT&T uses sms to turn the VM icon on and off? I know on my T180 it would play whatever alarm sound I had set for sms along with the VM alarm when I received a VM and when I cleared it I got another alarm. However it never actually showed as a text message.

The odd thing is if I go into the sms app the messages are automatically (or appear to be) deleted.

Can this be fixed, or it is something that needs a flash to firmware that is AT&T compatable?

I would like to use something like treobutler, but it adds even more messages and alarms when I installed it! I just want my T600 to work like a cellphone, ie one alert that I have VM and an icon or something to show there is VM.