hi djs_tx, I have a treo 270 and a digitreveler also
I try to use it with a treo serial cable with a null modem adapter, using program Mapopolis
and also the one digitraveler provide, however they do not at all. Then I find that
pcables.com have a cable provide that work with treo and digitraveler. (the one that
carry the battery) but it cost around $70 with the shipping.
And now my question is, I know that you have a experiments to making a cable to work with
treo and digitraverler. I have a treo connector, and the digitraveler connector also, but
i have no idea how to connect them together. ( all I know is the JR-11 2,3,5 connect to
serial 2,3,5 if i want to make a notebook serial cable)
can you be kind to provide more informations or even diagrams for how to connect the treo
adapter pins and also add a battery like the one pcables does
my email is hbbus200@yahoo.com
thank you so much!!