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    My old cellphone would automatically answer a call if the hands-free headset was plugged in. Is there any utility to get this function in the Treo 600? I am driving and listening to the car radio, and sometimes dont hear the phone ringing, but if the phone either rang thru the headset, or auto-answered, the person could start talking and I would know to turn off the radio.
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    I too am looking for something to make my Treo 650 automatically answer a call when a headset is plugged in.
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    i dont use any handsfree device. i cant stand the wire hanging infront of me. what i prefer to have is a software with some kind of a profile which when selected, will automatically activate the loudspeaker whenever we answer a call. this i think is very usefull whenever we are driving. .

    i'll keep on waiting for that someone to create the app.

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