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    It's well known that one can do a wireless sync with the 180/270, is this still possible using the Treo 600? Any success stories to pass on? I have a treo 270 user who depends on the wireless calendar/contacts, and we'd switch to a 600 as soon as it's available (Rogers in Canada) if so.
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    It can be done with SureWave from JPMobile.

    This is an enterprise server that provides Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks wireless sync with Lotus Notes and MS Exchange.

    It works on most wireless devices and Smart Phones. It runs very nicely on my Treo600.
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    Let me clarify.

    On the Treo 270, you can do a Wireless HOTsync, and in the wireless hotsync you select the applictions you want to sync, and obviously I'd be choosing the datebook, etc..

    Without installing any third party software, is it possible to do a wireless HOTsync on the Treo 600, so that you do NOT need any third party software to get bidirectional access to your calendar and contacts at the office?

    I appreciate the suggestion, but i'm exactly the opposite of the person who would buy corporate email software and third party addons for that software AND device just to get access to wireless data..
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    Yes, you can Sync a Treo 600 with a computer via wireless means - without third party software.

    The interface is "exactly" the same as with the Treo 270. I used it as a virtual backup system if my Treo 600 died, but now I use my SD card for backup and solely use the wirless sync if I forget to sync My Treo 600 at home.

    I hope that this helps.

    Dave Lindberg
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    Yes, you can wireless HotSync. Be sure to turn the Conduits off for things you don't need (especially Pictures) as it tends to be much slower than USB.
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    How can this be done without any third party software? I currently have the Sprint Business Connection and would entertain using something else. I would like to save the $5 a month as well. What I am most interested in is having the ability to gain access to my email, calendar, contacts and notes from my Outlook client when I am away from my computer. Right now BC pushes new email to my phone, which is nice, but I can't access my Outlook calendar and notes remotely. Can anyone tell me how to wireless synch my various Outlook features with my Treo 600 without BC?

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    Cant Find the Instructions I used but here's off the top of my head

    On your Treo
    1. Go to the Hotsync App, change it from local to Modem
    2. Press the menu key (while in hotsync)
    3. Under ModemSYNC, Select Network
    4.Under LANSync Select Local Hot Sync
    5. Under Primary PC Setup
    set your Computer Name as !! (very important!)
    set the IP of your internet connected computer or firewall (if unsure see below)
    Leave Subnet mask blank

    On your Desktop
    6. Click the Hotsync app Icon in your Start Bar
    Select Network (check appears)

    7.Select Setup, switch to the network tab
    Make Sure your Profile is checked, check it if it isnt
    Select TCP/IP settings, if youve got just one network card this will be grayed out, otherwise Choose the Interface to Use. If you didnt know your IP for Step 5, here it is
    Click OK to get out of setup

    8.You need to open/forward ports 1427 and 1428, your firewall Docs will tell you how to do this.

    Once this is done, try it!

    Go to HotSync on the Treo, Ensure MODEM is selected. Under the big hotsync button it should say Vision (or whatever data service you use). Click the Hotsync button and if all is well, it will connect

    I did this on a Sprint Treo with Vision, GSM may be different

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