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    I have a user here who has been using his Treo 270 heavily, and recently it has had two catastrophic crashes.

    Since i"m not the user, i can only describe it at a high level, and simply the user loaded the calculator, used it, it crashed the entire OS, and afterwards all data was lost. In the second case the user was travelling overseas, which is a big problem as data he needed was on it..

    My question is , has this happened to anyone before and was there any solutions to this problem if true?

    The calculator might not be the only program to crash the 270, but the end result is all data is missing and the system requires a re-sync.

    Thank you in advance,
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    Had the same issue, I think it's the ROM.

    Have you tried the SIM Book features?
    Everytime I tried mine, it also crashed the unit. Thus I think it's ROM related.

    I just recieved a replacement unit and sync'd it with the same user and apps. No problems.

    So I'd try for a replacement unit, unless you want to try and somehow "reset" the rom or load another copy in the flashRAM.

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