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    Recently, as noted in my "loose connector" thread, all the solder came undone on my Treo 270's hotsync connector and while I did my best repair work and came close to fixing it, my effort ultimately failed.
    So I'm back to using my old Treo 180 which had sat idle in a drawer for a year. I restored all my settings from backup and everything works but e-mail access (Snappermail, used to access my Earthlink e-mail account). I'm in a loop: After I run through all the steps using "Configure My Treo" with the original CD-ROM that came with the Treo 180, I get the message that my Treo 180 is not set up for data and am asked for the Service provider's name and what phone number is to be dialed. Huh? When I first got my first of two Treo 180s in April 2002 it didn't use a phone number but simply dialed into Cingular's My Wireless Window. Later on, Cingular made a change and needed a different option, something like Internet Express or whatever.
    Is there anyone out there with a Treo 180 on Cingular Wireless who accesses their ISP e-mail (like Earthlink) ? I need to know how to set up Network Preferences. Perhaps I need a new CD-ROM with "Configure My Treo." I just don't have five free hours or so to talk to tech people at Handspring (now PalmOne), Earthlink, and Cingular!
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    5.4.2. Data Connect Settings for GSM CSD Profile
    Dial-up Number 18472549270
    User Name WIDC0001@W4.MYCINGULAR.COM (that's
    dubblyou, eye, dee, cee, zero, zero, zero, one… all upper
    Password ZXY203DC9K0402 (those are zeroes, not letter Ohs… all
    upper case)
    Data Call Type ISDN
    Data Call Speed 9600

    5.4.3 Data Connect Settings for GPRS Profile
    APN ISP.CINGULAR (case insensitive from the
    network, some devices may require lower case or
    upper case)
    PDP_Type IP
    Dial-up Number *99# (some phones may require a context id
    number (cid) added “*99***N#” where “N” is
    assumed to be the cid, usually 1, 2 or 3).
    User Name WIXDC001@W5.MYCINGULAR.COM (that's
    dubblyou, eye, ex, dee, cee, zero, zero, one… all
    upper case)
    Password ZXY203DC9K0402 (those are zeroes, not letter
    Ohs… all upper case)

    The first one (CSD) was the my wireless window and the second one (GPRS) was the wireless internet express.

    Also you might want to check out this thread.
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    ShockSLL, your reply is detailed but doesn't seem to match what I have on my Treo 180's "Network Preferences" screen. To clarify, I have Cingular Wireless service, GSM, 500 national minutes, data service paid by the minutes, and I pay $50.61 per month since I never go beyond about 400 minutes a month for data (downloading e-mail from my Sprintmail ISP account). I have a Macintosh G3 and G4 hotsync using Palm Desktop. My ISP is Sprintmail, owned by Earthlink.
    On my Treo 180, system, preferences, network: I am given a choice between My Wireless Window, Wireless Internet, and Wireless Internet Express. In 2002 I was using My Wireless Window. Now, tonight, a young lady at Cingular Customer Service tells me I should use Wireless Internet. She disappeared for 5 minutes at a time to ask someone my questions. Under User Name she tells me to put in my user name, which I had forgotten. Under Password she reminded me of my password (four numbers). Under "connection", she had nothing to say, so I have put in Wireless Modem. Under Phone: She didn't see why it was asking for phone number. I have no idea what to put in. I don't think I put in my own phone number, as it would seem it would then be calling itself. Do I put in the number you have shown? 184725... I tried your suggestions in several different ways but got as far as "signing on"...
    Typically, as I have been through this many times before, I have to call about 5 people, wait on hold for up to a half hour for each of them, etc. Usually they are cheerful, sincere, and rather uninformed about the Treo. Sometimes I talk to people in Louisiana, sometimes Central California. Sometimes they tell me to talk to Handspring tech people, and I end up talking to someone with a South East Asian accent (India, probably) residing in Toronto, who is sometimes helpful.
    Hey people, all I wanted was to pick up my e-mail!
    I appreciate your help but I am still floundering as you can see.
    I'll call more people tomorrow morning. Steve
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    This is what works for me on my 270 (which should be the same as the 180 as I had one before I got my 270).

    I created a new one called Cingular:

    Connection: ISDN
    UserName: WIDC0001@W4.MYCINGULAR.COM
    Password: ZXY203DC9K0402
    Phone: 18472549270

    Then I created another called Cingular GPRS:

    Connection: GPRS
    Password: ZXY203DC9K0402

    These are the exact screens I see on my 270. Cingular will tell you to use your own my wireless window userid and password but I have never gotten that to work. But it does seem to work on my t68i. So use these userid's and passwords provided here because that definently works for me. I have the Wireless Internet Express of 1 MB a month.

    Just to make sure we are on the same page, the ISDN one will actually make a data call to a phone number to get internet access and will connect at 9600. When people call you they will get sent straight to voice mail and this type uses up your minutes. The GPRS one will connect kind of like broadband, and you should receive speeds closer to dialup from a landline. If someone calls you while using this type of data the phone will ask you to accept the call and stop using data or cancel the call and continue using data. This does not use your minutes, instead it uses up some amount of data that you are paying for each month.
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    Steve, thanks to you, I have my old Treo 180 working again (using your profile that just uses minutes)!
    I'll likely buy another Treo 270 in April, once my contract with Cingular is up and I can get a cheap one from T-Mobile ($99).
    Let me ask you, what is your personal use pattern for your Treo 270?
    My use for my defunct Treo 270 (and now my revived Treo 180) has been (approx.) 90% capturing e-mails from my ISP, 7% Web, and 3% phone use. My use of a phone is just if I have to call my wife or son while on the road, or to meet them somewhere, or for emergencies. My principal use is accessing maybe 40 e-mails a day, 5 days a week, almost all of it spam, looking for the messages from actual friends or associates. Because of this use pattern, I have been assuming that if I signed up for GPRS, I would rack up too many megabytes per month. Do you agree? Right now, I pay $50.61 for Cingular Wireless, plus $21.95 for Earthlink. My wife pays $9.95 for AOL. We also have a land line at the house. And then there's DirectTV, another $20 per month. So we're paying over $130 per month for phone, TV, and Internet use. I have a co-worker who pays over $80 per month for his cable TV subscription!
    When I retire (I'm 65+) I'll cut down on the number of national minutes per month (currently 500) with Cingular. I am hesitant to go to a cheaper ISP like NetZero because service is not so hot, I hear. I find the Earthlink tech people are attentive, well-informed, and courteous.
    Any comment on how I might go at all of this differently?
    Or is $130-150 a month the minimum tax I must pay to be a "connected", on-the-go, modern person?
    Again, my sincere thanks.
    Steve, in S. Calif.
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    FYI, i used to use a 270, I know have a 600. I still have my 270 as backup phone.

    You would probably need more than 1 MB. I go over sometimes and I only use it to check e-mail or browse maybe 5-10 times a month. I mainly use it for a phone and a pda. If Cingular offered a $20 a month unlimited plan like T-Mobile I would jump all over that because I often want to hook it up to my laptop. (Which I have all setup it just is real slow to use using the ISDN dialup instead of GPRS).

    Here is my bill structure:

    $100 for Digital Cable and Road Runner (broadband)
    $20 for IP Phone to substitute my landline (packet8)
    $70 for 2 cell phones (my wife and mine):
    500 Nationwide Family Plan (we share our minutes)
    Insurance on her phone
    1 MB of GPRS with data line on my phone
    3500 Night and Weekend minutes
    Long Distance
    We each have 500 cingular to cingular minutes

    So basically we're spending about the same (if I remove my wife from my account it would be $50) but I have high speed internet at home and on my phone (GPRS). I like the IP phone because it's so cheap and i get unlimited nationwide long distance but you can't dialup/fax through it and you have to have some type of broadband internet to be able to use it. But you can take it anywhere and hook it up to almost any high speed internet source. I plan on taking it with me when I go overseas beacuse it's a free call and people can call me for free because I get a local phone number.

    There is a free dialup number I used to use on my treo called no-charge. Since I had long distance on my cell phone it didn't matter whether I called Washington State or my next door neighbor it cost the same to me. So I used them when i first got my treo 180 but the Cingular ISDN is faster. I think this is because it stays all digital instead of the treo being digital going digital over to the cell phone carrier, then the carrier converting it to analog for the transfer to the landline trunk, then the ISP (no-charge) converting it all back to digital via it's modems.

    Hope this helps,
    Steve, in Raleigh, NC
    Steve Lineberry

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    From Steve West to Steve East: Your willingness to be transparent about what you pay for connectivity is appreciated. FYI, I keep my eye on some of the alternatives you mentioned (high-speed line into the house, and IP phone) and could at sometime decide to switch over, and reassemble my current mix to look more like yours. Steve West
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    No problem, glad I could help.
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    Apparently, now that I have looked into it a bit more, T-Mobile's offer of a Treo 270 for $99 expired Dec. 31. However, AT&T has an offer for $99, and now Cingular has one, too. Cingular's requires that you obligate yourself for 2 years (which I am not so sure I want to do) or else "retail $199" which sounds better to me.
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    I've tried the GPRS settings and I'm not making any progress. The Cingular people claim I'm set up to use GPRS (three different people). ShockSSL's list has a lot of options that the 180 doesn't allow you to enter. I'm a new Treo 180g owner trying to get into Cingular in Houston. Does anybody have any ideas/experience in Houston?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WeldingRod
    I've tried the GPRS settings and I'm not making any progress. The Cingular people claim I'm set up to use GPRS (three different people). ShockSSL's list has a lot of options that the 180 doesn't allow you to enter. I'm a new Treo 180g owner trying to get into Cingular in Houston. Does anybody have any ideas/experience in Houston?
    What options are you not allowed to enter?
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