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    I'm looking for a program that I can use to put on my applications page that goes to my contact list (address book). Can anyone offer a suggestion?
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    I'm using Conact Pro and it works fine. You can find it at
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    Someone made one, but it's not paid for, so there is a pop up that comes on from time to time that you have to answer "OK" to.
    other then that, it works. It's called contacts and its' on

    think it's called CoLauncher

    Hope this is helpful...

    I am using this, but an waitnig for a non prompt version
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    Ok, it's not CoLausncher. Do a search in this forum
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    Hmm... my app is no longer worthy on treo600essentials!

    My apps are here:

    The Contacts shortcut:

    A Backup program:

    If you use Beyond Contacts and need a direct shortcut icon:

    If enough people donate, I could pay for the Dev program and remove the nag screens!
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    COUld you get us a better ICON too? If so , I may take the bait (make a donation).

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