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    Just another update. Called PalmOne (again) at the number i posted above and asked where my rubber plug is. It's been nearly a month now.

    "They're on backorder, but your order is still in the system"

    So if anyone ordered one, looks like it's gonna be a while.

    Perhaps the treoCentral guys can help?
    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
    Treo 700p on Sprint
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    Just a note:

    The larger of the two holes is used for the car kit.
    When they installed my car kit, they threw away this plug, so it's gone forever.
    Running around with it exposed hasn't caused any problems for me.
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    That's weird - the dude at PalmOne told me it was for a troubleshooter device....- so u have to plug something into the little port below the antenna?

    I assume u are not Sprint?
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    Maybe it's used for both purposes.
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    from what I've heard it's an external antenna connector. If the car adapter has a better antenna, that would be why it's plugged in to that.
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    I will order 2 new T600 just to have the rubber plugs as replacements just in case I loose my originals plugs, I couldnt depend on HP, darn it has been a 1 month and days since gadzilla orderd his plugs and no plugs yet, I can imagine his pain over this incident....
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    Got my plug today. The small one below the antenna. The contrast between the large envelope and the tiny plug was kind of funny. Thought I'd post a pic.

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    Originally posted by jasonsf
    Hmm. Don't know what happened to the pic.

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    Ordered my replacement plugs today. The PalmOne rep said they don't have a firm fulfillment date and cautioned me it would be at least 4 to 5 weeks before shippment. No charge for plugs or shipping.
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    Mine took less than a week. Hopefully you won't have to wait a month for it.

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    Guy's, calm yourselves, find your neutral space

    If you plan to use a carkit at any point then the loss of these plugs may cause you problems, particularly if you plan to get debris all over your phone.

    The only testing the top socket is used for is during an RF test as a means of by-passing the built in antenna(enables testing in a very "quiet" radio enviroment and rules out antenna as cause of prob).

    Cannot comment on the bottom one as I won't remove the plug I'm a messy eater
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    day 2 and lost plug. this big hole is no good. if it rains, water will get in the circuitry and kill the phone.
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    Yeah, I lost mine too! It happened the week I got it. I've been doing fine without. Thanks for the phone number for a replacement.
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    Hmmm...Two weeks ago I received my (ummm...hmmmm) 3rd replacement phone. The one I shipped back had lost the small antenna plug. I have no idea when or where it fell out...just noticed it the day before shipping it back.

    Anyway, we recently picked up some "museum gel" from the container store for an unrelated application. I wonder if that would work well to fill the hole and/or act sufficiently as an adhesive in this application.
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