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    I just basically wanted to know whats the purpose of encryption on the trio600? For example, Passwords.

    Are all passwords stored in a central database in plain Text?

    Whats the point for encryption if a user dont know my password to get in the device in the first place.

    I know some of you might think its a silly question, but I just need to be clear on the purpose of encryption, and how it can be beneficial with the treo.

    Thanks a lot.
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    What encryption are you talking about?

    Are you talking about a specific area on the Treo in the default applications?
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    Like, the main password, system password. Or for example, storing personal data, like, banking accnt info.
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    Originally posted by godfather
    I just need to be clear on the purpose of encryption
    Encryption cyphers your data into a form that cannot be easily understood.

    Originally posted by godfather
    and how it can be beneficial with the treo.
    Encryption is beneficial on any portable device that stores "sensitive" information. If you loose your Treo (very easy to do) and it is found by the "right" person they can easily break that security system that comes with the Treo. Once in, they can read anything. It is always good to encrypt anything that you would not like others to find out. For some people it could be something as simple as the address book. For others it might be bank information. Also, there are people who store company information on the Treo. That information could be very valuable to other companies.

    So it is totaly up to you. If you feel that you will not end up with headaches if the information you have on your Treo is found by another person, then you don't need anything encrypted.

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