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    My ATT provider charges me 40 cents when I email a photo thru their software in my phone. Is there a way around this? Thanks LEE
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    Yep... with some help from the other threads, I figured out how to do it and have been picture-mailing from Snapper all weekend!

    You just set up the Treo Photo app to save your photos to the SD card... they show up there as JPEG's. An interim step, is to rename the photo ("Picture/Edit Caption" in the photo app) so you'll recognize it in the file list; and it'll go out with that as the filename. Then you simply attach the photo to your email.

    In snapper mail, if you want to send the message to multiple recipients, you enclose each address in carrot brackets, e.g. <><><>

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    Thanks. I am however a bit on the learning diasable side with respect to tech. Is snapper mail handspring mail or another program. If you can tell me (and others) what to do in steps it would be most appreciated! Thanks.
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    You can use the "Mail" application that came with your treo. Snappermail is another email client and is a good one at that.
    Anyways here is how you would do it using "mail":
    Select a picture that you want to email by highlighting it with the 5 way and press the center button to open the image. Right click on the 5 way to select the "send tab" and you should get a pop up giving you a selection of apps to choose from, select Mail and a new email should open with your picture already attached. Simply address it and add any text and send.
    Now it's still not "free" as you asked above because you are either using gprs to send it which costs you or you are using your dial up connection to send it still ultimatley costing you.
    You're probably refering to MMS multmedia messaging or whatever AT&T calls it which is an extra whatever per month! That service you really don't need since you can use the Mail app to send pictures.
    Make sense?
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    Thanks. I do know how to saend an e-mail with a picture from ATT mail. They charge us 40 cents to send the pic. My question referred to whether or not I could use another web site on the www to send the photo or some other way to send the pic without getting the " additional charge" Thanks again. LEE
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    if it works anything like I've seen on tmobile, they lock you into using their specific mms server so they can charge you. all of their "tzone" settings were locked in, never used at&t...
    -- berto
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    yeah, the reason I said it is "free" is that my sprint plan includes unlimited data usage. at least they claim that, someone posted that if you streamcast audio you may get charged. anyway not all of their service plans include unlimited data, so it's not always 'free' (more accurately, no incremental charge) to send an email this way on sprint. but it is a workaround to using their lame photo-sharing service.

    on a sprint treo, they package it with a different email application than a gsm treo. It's setup for text messaging, but it doesn't do email. they want you to go into their lame sprint email system which (surprise) doesn't work very well. they also have problems with sms, which is something they've goofed up and are late to the party on. so you really need an aftermarket email application. I just started using snapper mail because a lot of people here like it. I also used the email client in Agendus, that works too but isn't as full-featured.

    good luck,
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    Someone has already says so but Snappermail allows me to send photos as an attachment so I don't have to send my friends a link to the Sprint site. It's just a big ad for sprint anyway.

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    Using the web is not nearly as easy as an email client directly installed on your Treo. If you scour the Handspring support > downloads site, you can find a free email client that will send pictures over SMTP mail. It works well for many of us but has less functionality than Snappermail, which costs $$$.

    When you say AT&T charges $.40 with their software, what is that? Some picture sharing service? Consider the alternative to just email the pictures.

    I highly doubt they are charging you per SMTP email. If so, you're on a pretty horrible plan. Please be clear with exactly which software you use to email the pics...with this alternative method, you can use your own ISP's account (comcast, Roadrunner, WHATEVER) instead of AT&T-- perhaps that will get around the silly charges.

    So-- NET/NET- get the free Handspring Mail client from the HS support site, key in the correct POP3 and SMTP information to send and receive mail and you're set.

    I guess this could be considered somewhat technical, but you can benefit from previous posts by searching this forum with the right keywords....most of the answers are at your fingertips.

    Holler back if you need more help.


    P.S. AT&T just never seems to understand how to price data plans. Forty cents for a pic is idiotic, much less a regular email.
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    using the instructions above I do not get the popup asking which app to mail from when I click send... it opens in picturemail automatically. is this configurable somewhere?
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    Okay...its the built-in AT&T service...understand that. If it is similar to Sprint's, there is a built in app that somehow integrates with the web browser to contact a web page and send your pics...I'm thinking...

    Let me approach the problem in a different way. Do you have a home PC with an ISP? Do you use outlook or Eudora or AOL to check your email from home? We can use the settings from your home email account and put them into the free program.

    I just tried to seach on the ATTWS website and this is the page I found... no mention of $.40 per picture...

    Is that the service you're using?

    Copy the email application from THIS PAGE:

    I need to find the settings for outbound SMTP mail through AT&T, but this is enough to get you started...

    I gotta get to work! Will check back here later today to see your progress and any commentary!

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    Dr. Phil, you've got skills!

    It never ceases to amaze me to the knowledge and assistance folks have and share here on this forum.
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