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    Went to Circuit City today to their PDA section and was looking at the screen protectors. I didn't find one for the Treo600 but found one for the Treo 90/270. Its made by Fellowes, called Wright Right. It's suppose to reduce screen glare and improve hand writing recognition. Hand writing doesn't really apply to the 600 but I figured reduced screen glare would be a nice thing to have. The package included 12pc protectors and a squeegee to get rid of bubles. It didn't come with a screen cleaner but the Belkin brand does, but they didn't have any at the time. So I just bought this one. I wasn't sure how big the screen protector is but I assumed it was larger than the Treo 600's. I wasn't too worried about the size since I was going to open up my phone and install it on the actual screen and just cut out the excess with an exacto knife. I wanted to do this for easier application and I heard that the screen protector for the 600 doesn't really fully fit exactly on the screen and leaves a bit of the edges exposed, and that dust gets stuck on the edges of the protector leaving a dust ring around the screen. I was also afraid of the protector peeling off since the corners arent tucked underneath the faceplate. The only problem I'm gonna run into is if I need to replace the protector, I will need to open up the phone to do it. But I figure I probably wouldnt do that too often. Besides the phone is very easy to take apart. When I got home I openned the package and compared the size of the protector to the screen without openning the phone just yet. Sure enough it is slightly bigger by no more than 1/8 of an inch. I've seen the actual size of the 600 screen since I've openned my phone up before. I figured it was gonna be a perfect fit. After dissasembly of my phone, I compared the protector to the actual screen. The screen is about 1/6 larger than the protector. It was exactly what I'd hope for so I wouldn't need to trim the edges. Installation was much easier for me since the whole screen was expose. After installation, I put my phone back together. If it weren't for the little bubbles on the corner that i couldn't get rid off even with the squeegee that came with the kit, you wouldn't be able to tell there was a screen protector. As far as glare I couldn't tell the difference, but i noticed it improved the sensitivity of the touch screen. I'm pretty happy with the result so I figure I should post it here incase someone was thinking bout doing what I've just done.
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    That sure was a long post

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