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    I use the web and Blazer all the time. So I find that it works best by NOT showing images on web sites (Options, Preferences X). But about 5% of the pages, I do want to see the image, usually because the text needs an illustration, and also for a Treocentral reason.
    If you disable images on Treocentral then the top buttons---Home/Stories/Discussion etc do not show at all. So one must do a four step re-enabling of images--not too tough, but a nuisance.
    Does anyone know of a way to do this with a macro or a button press that toggles images on and off. I think this is a mandatory upgrade for Blazer in its next incarnation, but this feature could sure be useful today. Any ideas--hopefully it already exists somehow.
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    the only macro program I've read about was called macroplay:

    looks pretty handy, but it seemed a bit pricey for what it does. never used it so I couldn't tell you if it works on a treo, maybe worth demo'ing??
    -- berto

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