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    Followed the directions on Palmone/handspring web site for ups grading that included making a coupt of user folder to desk top and then deletinhg contents of original backup up folder. During instillation not quarentines, but favorite speed dials did not come through or the few added programs like a bridge program I had added. Neither did the treomail program come over.

    So what to do. I assume open back up backup folder and copy programs, paste in original back up file, highlight and sync.

    Is this correct. Any othre advice.

    Also 6 hours past conversion and not internet. Called several times and said would happen in 6 hours. Any ideas? On hold now with sprint cs.

    I paid for about 10 months more of Visto/the new treomail while on t 300. How do I access it now for my T 600?

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    took about 7 hours and 4 calls being told ok before vison provisioning actually got me up and running.

    I copied by bookmark file from my back up back file and some how it said it would sync at next sync. Synced and had all my blazer book marks. Good.


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