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    fix for "auto-answer" headaches

    The T600 does this annoying thing folks here refer to as the "auto-answer feature"--a very poor implementation of the keygaurd concept. Upon receiving an incoming call, pressing the spacebar will pick up the call, EVEN IF KEYGUARD IS ACTIVE. Result--your **** answers calls for you while the phone is in your pocket. Your cosmetics case answers calls for you when it's in your purse. Your flip-style case answers calls for you too. Your caller hears the rustling of your pants, and you waste minutes on your phone plan. It clearly shows very little forethought on the part of the software engineer for a candybar-shaped phone--Particularly one that has a perfectly useful 5-way pad with a recessed button in the middle that is appropriately assigned the same role. It renders the keyguard totally useless at preventing unwanted keypresses while receiving calls.

    This has to be one of the most annoying minor blunder that handspring put into this round of their phone software. (my 2nd pet peeve has to be the difficulty involved in prepending a "*82" to outgoing phone calls...that's the code to turn off caller-id block) Why it was decided to make the spacebar an answering button while every other button obeys the keyguard is beyond me. It happens to be the button that is most vulnerable to inadvertent pressing. I think of it as a vestigial feature of the clamshell designed T300s. But alot of use that does for me when I notice my phone's screen is doing something next to me, and I bring it to my ear to hear my friend screaming "Hellllooooooo?? WTF!?!" use whining about it. Until those guys issue a software update for the phone app, I figured I better think of a workaround. Here's a quick fix I did over the weekend.

    My fix--a simple raised "rib" protecting the spacebar. It won't prevent unintended calls in every situation, but it will prevent all unintented calls if you use a flip-style case. BTW...I definitely recommend protecting your touch screen. Just a little accidental pressure will make your screen look like this:

    The rib is made out of "plastic welder" epoxy. It's an extremely durable, extremely tenacious two-part epoxy that effectively turns into plastic upon curing. It can be bought in any hardware store (don't have to go to Home Despot...just your local store'll do). It has the consistency of toothpaste while it's curing, so it is difficult to shape into a neat little bar, so I did the following steps.

    1) take a mold of your phone with stiff modeling clay.

    2) Afterwards, you should have something that looks like this

    3) Use something like a pin/paperclip to hollow out a bar-shaped cavity in your mold.

    Here's where I took a pause in the picture taking since the epoxy sets in like 2 minutes.

    4) Set aside some unwrinkled aluminum foil.

    5) Mix a small amount of epoxy, and quickly use a toothpick to fill the hollowed bar-mold with the epoxy. Work quickly, but make sure the mold is filled without air pockets. It's ok to have some extra epoxy in the mold because your next step will be to:

    6) smooth the aluminum foil over the mold, gently rubbing the foil to match the curved shape of the mold. The extra epoxy should spread out underneath the foil. Don't thrown away the rest of the mixed/unused epoxy.

    7) Keep an eye on the mixed/unused epoxy, as that will give you a fair estimation of how long the curing process will take. You can expect the epoxy in the mold to take a little longer to harden. It doesn't hurt to wait extra time. When the epoxy is quite hard, you can unmold it. You should now have a custom shaped "bar" that more-or-less fits right on the curved part of your T600 between the hotsync port and the space bar.

    8) Trim off the "flash," or the excess crap around the bar that you don't want.

    9) Use a fairly fine grade of sandpaper (say 180) roughen up the area right where you want to stick the bar. Clean the surface with alchohol on a cotton swab

    10) Mix another batch of epoxy, apply it to the underside of your bar, and affix it to the phone. Let it set. Trim any crap you don't like while the epoxy is pliable.

    11) Mix another round of epoxy, and seal the edges of your bar down. Let it set for good now. You're just about done.

    12) Take a sharpie and color that bar black. Voila...

    Works great with cases.
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    Originally posted by jellolee
    fix for "auto-answer" headaches

    <Psychotic rant snipped>

    Someone really needs to start taking their medicine again...
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    Originally posted by The Chupacabra

    Someone really needs to start taking their medicine again...
    Ha!...I've definitely gotten OCD about this thing. Must...stop...fixating...

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