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    I just got my new T600 a couple of weeks ago; I would like to synchronize my Outlook inbox at my work , which is HUGE, so I would like to store the database directly in a 512 mb SD card at HotSync time and be able to consult it from there in the Treo. Can this be done ? Is Intellisync or Inbox to Go suitable to do this ? What mail app can support this (Snapper, Iambicmail...) ?

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    Do you really need to access every email you have every received or sent fom your palm? they dont really have the ease4 of use to want to do a lot of stuff like that.

    wouldn't it be far better to just have access to it if you needed it remotely etc.

    maybe you should be getting your tech guys at work to look at offering you exchange 2003 boxes so you can access stored files on demand using gprs etc.

    just a thought,


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