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    Has anyone else noticed that the software (and ringtones) offered in the SprintPCS PCSVision online store are ... well ... limited?

    They don't even have Bejeweled for Christ Sake!

    Not only is the selection pretty anemic, but the prices are inflated! Some game prices have been increased as much as 100% over what they cost on even the developer's site!


    If you're like me, you opted for the $10 software credit when you picked up your PCS Vision plan. Seemed like a no-brainer...

    Well, when you review the PCS Vision store's selection and prices, you'll probably think as I do that this "credit" is almost totally worthless.

    The final insult? Even this small credit amount does not accrue from month-to-month.

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    After seeing the slim pickings from Sprint, I changed my Vision plan to Professional. At least I get something now (BC for free) instead of looking for a decent ringer or app and never finding one.

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