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    I have the Treo 600 and my Mrs. has a new Tungsten E. After installing the Tungsten E I am unable to synch my address book on the Treo. Error messsages stating that I may too many address records? ~1200?

    I can use a work PC for the Treo, but prefer to use one PC with two Palms and select users via the profile manager. Any ideas? All help is appreciated!!
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    we have exactly the same set up.

    you may sync several palms in ONE palm desktop using different usernames.

    here's what i did

    1. upgraded my palm desktop - from 505 to treo 600
    2. sync it with my treo 600
    3. create another user for my wife
    4. sync again with my wife tungsten e

    hey it works!

    PS you dont need to install Tungsten E desktop. if you wish to install softwares like DTG from CD, just go to 'software essentials' directory and run from there.

    hope this helps.

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