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    Hi Folks,

    I've managed to get Treo Butler to keep track of voicemail warnings so it can set the LED to warn you.

    At the moment it puts the LED in solid red - but with a bit of work, I'll have it flashing rapidly in green as was originally intended by the developers.

    (The LED will return to it's normal state if you reset the phone, listen to your VM, or use the 'reset LED button!'.)

    The app works for me with orange UK (GSM) - but i don't know whether it will work for any other network.

    I'd apreciate it if people could try the app and let me know if it works.

    Things I'd like to know
    1) does it work for you
    2) GSM or CDMA
    3) Network
    4) Do you normally get an envelope indicating voicemail in the top left of your phone app
    5) anything else - e.g. other events that will reset the Voicemail warning

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    Just a note of caution - if you already have treo butler running - please disable and delete it before installing this version.

    Not doing this could cause a serious crash
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    1) Yes
    2) CDMA
    3) Sprint
    4) Yes
    5) Great app, I think that you should keep it at red.. it's more easily noticeable than a faster blinking green...

    Can I paypal you the $3.50 to get a reg code?

    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Hi, Why not flashing red, after all flashing green is normally on when phone is on, a faster flashing greeen will be harder to notice. A solid red is also used when charging the phone as is solid green when phone is charged. So far, the flashing red is not spoken for.

    I also read someplace on this site that someone was working on making an orange led lite. This by liting green and red at the same time. This would also be an option other than rapidly flashing green lite. Thanks for the great work and for asking for our input, take care, Jay
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    Flashing red is already taken by another function. I assume, that in the future, it will all be configiable by the user as far as what color for what, what rate and condidtion,

    I'll try this app as soon as I get a chance. Matt
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    1) does it work for you-YES
    2) GSM or CDMA-CDMA
    3) Network=SPRINT
    4) Do you normally get an envelope -YESindicating voicemail in the top left of

    Great Job!
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    Ditto for me on Sprint PCS with CDMA. I used to get an "envelope" for voicemail. Now I get a "tape" icon = two circles connected by a line at the bottom, like a tape. But the red light works. It is on constantly, it does not flash.

    Bill Petro
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    Great that it works in the US - thanks for the incredibly swift replies!

    Slight update - now you can get (fast) flashing green or solid red.

    I've chosen the fast flashing green as it's the actual alert that is intended in the SDK (kIndicatorAlertVoicemail !) - although it obviously wasn't implemented.

    There isn't an obvious way to select different flashing colours - but I'm sure I will figure it out eventually!

    In the meantime, the fast green is pretty noticeable and you can choose red.

    If you want to register - please just register for the earlier version at - upgrades are free, so the reg code will work for this and future copies.

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    GSM version and its not working neither the green nor red

    1) No
    2) GSM
    3) Cingular
    4) I get the cassette tape, not the sms
    5) the new registration flag is cute, sounds like Gollum
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    1) No
    2) GSM
    3) Orange France
    4) No
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    this new version doesn't work for me.

    The one above, does.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    neither work for my GSM version
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    Has anyone with a CDMA T600 tried this while TreoAltMgr is installed and running? I wonder if there will be conflicts?
    Thanks, Matt

    BTW, I think the flashing red is like the flashing green. Where the flashing green means wireless is on and working on the local network, I think the flashing red means that wireless is on, but you are roaming (It may mean no signal, but I really think it's roaming). Can anyone verify this from memory or the manual? I don't have one handy.

    THanks again! :shortcut:
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    1) YES
    2) CDMA
    3) SPRINT
    4) Cassett tape, not envelope

    I'd like to see a flashing Red. The fast flashing green is nice, but I'm used to seeing a flashing green, and find I'm not paying attention to it.

    Bill Petro
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    However, I found that the handup would not return the screen to the dial screen. And sometimes, the solid red doesn't show for voicemail even when checked. But fast flash green still works when selected. And sometimes, after listening to the voicemail, the "cassett" doesn't go away...


    Also, I'm getting occasional "Register Sir" warnings, even though I've registered it, and inserted the registration code.
    Bill Petro
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    Strange. I have the HS email cleint and the neutered CDMA version were the "SPrint" wecome and goodbye are the generic ones. AS well as the Tape ICON and not the envelope.This also gives me the ability to have my call log working as far as time spent on the call

    If I get a voice mail, I will get a screen saying so, with "Listen" and "ok" and it beeps at me to let me know (setup via "prefs" and "sounds". If I don't do anything, it will quite beeping, turn the screen off, then turn the LED to solid redish/orange for about a minute, if not longer. Then it will start to do the green flash again to show I have service. Wish it would stay redish/orange the whole time....


    THanks, Matt
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    can this feature be expanded not only for indication voicemail is waiting but also new sms arrived and other alerts like missed call?

    that will be very useful for heavy sms user so that we don't need to turn on the power to check
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    Hi folks,

    slightly fixed version - the register function should now work properly and I've altered the logic where it decides what LED to show.

    I'm hoping this will fix it for people where version one was working but version two was not.

    If neither version worked - I'm sure this won't!

    btw Ryker's suggestion of keeping track of SMS as well is on my to-do list !

    For those whose networks don't work - see the next message and attachment..
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    This is a version that puts up a load of messages to tell you what it's doing.

    I'd appreciate it if people on networks where the LED functionality does nothing could tell me what they get.

    If you get at least the message showing 'info VM event' - then there should be a way to figure out which events are for arriving versus disappearing voicemail.

    Please let me know what messages you see for each.

    Sorry to have to test this on people - unfortunately I don't know of any simulators for how the actual networks handle things differently - so can only check Orange UK myself.

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    On Sprint CDMA, with treo600butler_96b.prc I am getting either (both) the fast flashing green or the solid red. However, after I answer the voicemail and delete it, the "cassette" is not going away.

    Bill Petro
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