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    I am interested in getting the Treo 600, but have a couple of questions I was hoping someone could help me with.

    First, my cell phone service is through Verizon. When I became interested in getting the Treo600, I called Verizon to inquire when/if the Treo would be available through Verizon.
    The CSR told me the Treo 600 would not be offered through Verizon and he told me about some other Palm OS PDA phones.

    Was he just trying to get me to buy some other Palm OS phone because they don't have the Treo yet, or is he correct that Verizon will never offer it?

    My second question is, and have found some Theads on this, but just want to make sure: Will there be a Treo700 or some other updated Treo600 coming in the next couple of months?

    I know when you buy a model, another one pops up sooner or later, but if the Treo700 is coming later this year, I would wait for it.

    Thanks for the help.

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    The Treo 700 (or any other new version) is pure speculation at this point. Certainly a new product will come out at some point - but nothing solid can be forecast. New PDAs from Sony and palmOne seem to be on a 4 month cycle but there is reason to believe that the certification process for smartphones will be much longer.

    There are some rumors about an eventual Verizon version but, if it ever happens, it is a long way off. Given Verizon's awful data plans, you would be better off switching to Sprint or T-Mobile (and bringing your number with you) anyway.
    Enquiring minds want to know ...
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    Thanks for the reply, BaltimoreTreo.

    Do you use your Treo to access the web? If so, how does it look/work?


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    you can by a sprint version of treo 600 , get it unlocked and use on verizon - however only the phone part will work - the data part is incompatible

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