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    Xiino, imho the best palm/ handheld browser for the treo 270 has FINALLY been updated to support os5.

    I have a treo 270 and the updated version seems to be running a little bit faster, i have not used it long enough to write a detailed review. All i'm waiting on now is for t-mobile to get on the bus and start offering the t600!
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    Testing on my T600 simulator shows that Xiino still does not seem to work properly.

    If someone is feeling brave, I'd be interested to find out how well 3.0 works on an actual T600. Maybe it has to patch the OS (which isn't allowed on a sim) and that's why it does'nt work properly for me.
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    I'll try it - I've been hoping it was going to be available soon, and looked just about a week ago!

    I do note that it says it doesn't yet support SSL though - so I'd still have to use Blazer for some things in the meantime - will test it today.

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    Well, here are the "issues" with Xiino right now:

    1. - doesn't support SSL
    2. - doesn't support the 5-way Nav
    3. - has too many things that can't be accessed without nav/key-strokes
    4. - doesn't format the or Handpspring mobile portal very well

    I could live with a lot of the "navigation" issues if there was a way to get to bookmarks and "go" to a new URL without tapping the screen, but there really isn't any way to get around at all with just the keyboard.

    Oh well <g>. Maybe 3.1!

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    Xiino 3.0 doesn't support the treo 5-way yet, but overall imo it is much faster in page rendering than blazer due to its proxy, especially for non-mobie formated sites. It seems like a nice alternative to blazer and probably worth it if you're already a registered user. I especially like the option to save web pages to card!
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