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    Anyone having problems connecting to the Chatter IM server lately? I can't connect at all so getting to the MSN Msgr setup is impossible. There is also a line through IM at the top of the screen. I've reset servers, re-registered, reinstalled and soft reset. Nothing. Goto the Chatter site and it says the server is up. Any ideas anyone?
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    I'm connecting fine. Both my IMAP mail and IM are coming through. Sounds like you have tried all the logical steps to resolve the problem. But have you tried deleting the chatter.prc, then resetting and then re-installing? Might be worth a shot.

    P.S. Marc is great about monitoring these boards so you can count on his input soon. You may also want to post your problem to the IMChatter forum.
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    The server seems to have been down this morning; I restarted it and everything appears normal. Not sure what happened; I haven't had to manually intervene in over a month...

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    Now it's tellin me my account doesn't exist. I may be doing something wrong on my end.

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