I called Sprint's customer service on Monday night in total anger. The rep did some research (20 minutes) got back on the phone and said they would replace my phone. Told me that it would take 9 days to process and possibly longer to ship.

Well, the phone arrived today (only two days later). It's very frustrating when the customer service reps initially tell you something has to work a certain way (i.e., that only the stores can replace the phones) when you are able to get them to do something different a week later. Right now a good frustration to have, though.

For those that face this issue in the future, do not let the customer service reps tell you they can't send a phone...THEY CAN (and the method they used didn't require that I pay for a new phone until the old one is sent back). The stores are pretty helpless in terms of solving the problem as they don't have stock.