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    Vertical lines started appearing on my screen. If I squeeze the phone ever so slightly they go away. I have even noticed the lines fade in an out to the slightest vibration (sound from a stereo). I guess I need it replaced.

    I bought the phone from a guy who bought it from Handspring so I was wondering my best route to get this fixed.
    Should I call Palmone?
    Bring it to a Sprint store?
    Call sprint?
    Use my insurance?

    any suggestions?
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    What you have is called a tab break on the LCD. This happens in laptops a lot, especially when people frequently pick up the laptop by the screen .
    There's an interconnect called FEC (flexable etched circuitry) that takes the signal from a large connector and is bonded to the very small pitch of the LCD at what's called a tab. When the bond between FEC and LCD is broken, single connect points for either rows or columns start to pull apart and the lines appear. They change when pressed because you are pressing the loose connection points together again.
    Since the 600 is less than a year old, it's probably under warrantee. I'd take it to a Sprint store. They have a vested interest in maintaing you as a Sprint customer.

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