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    Downloaded them from Mapopolis site and it seems like such a cool thing... However, it doesn't actually read them... nothing happens when I click read... any thoughts?
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    I downloaded PSpeak and SpeakMemo a few days ago and they work fine on my Treo 600. Just make sure that neither app reside on the SD Card. I tried to put the DB on the card since it was 2+ MB, but SpeakMemo couldn't find the DB when I hit "Read" to read a memo. The voice is your regular "Computer Man" (think Stephen Hawking) but it's understandable.

    I was thinking of using SpeakMemo with Macroplay and Blazer to read websites (TreoCentral discussions?) for me when I'm in the car. Right now, I'm limited by the clipboard size to copy all text into a memo. I'm looking into a clipboard utility that'll work. Even then, I might hit a memo size limit.

    Maybe we can bug Mapopolis enough to gt their Speak apps to read anything running.
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    HI, there is a firm called Cepstral, who has developed texted to speach software that has human voices. It will read any size file!

    I am disabled, so for me, it would convert ebooks to talking books. The file size of ebooks is far samller than a talking book.

    They intent to convert the program to working wityh palm os, but soon. I think if more people email them it will happen sooner!

    They let you listen to samples of the voices on their website and they actually sound human, not like dr. hawkings computer voice, (no disrespect meant to dr. hawkings one of the world's most brillant men)!

    Go to:

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    Thanks i love dessert, the cepstral website is fascinating. For those who want to e mail them asking for a Palm OS version:
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    Try SoundRec. I really like it and I got it off the net.

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    There is a program called Speak on that will PSpeak any text on the clipboard. Its activated through the command bar. I use it (mainly for novelty) in SnapperMail by hitting 's' then 'c' to copy all, then Option+Power to open the command bar (enabled through FlexButton) then tap the icon. Just 5 taps and my palm is reading email
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